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Book Project: Born A Crime

Die zwei Englisch-Gruppen der 6ab beschäftigten sich in diesem Schuljahr mit dem Buch "Born a Crime" von Trevor Noah. Zum Abschluss präsentierten die Schüler*innen in Gruppen verschiedene Projekte zum Buch, wie z.B. Filmposter, Roleplays, Gedichte, Scrap books, Kinderbücher und Tagebücher. Einige Ergebnisse der Projekte könnt ihr hier sehen: 

Film posters 

by Alexa, Joy & Patricia (left) and by Sophie, Melanie & Mona B. (right)

Scrap books

by Mihaela, Darija & Olga (left) and by Mia, Niklas & Mert (right)


by David, Luca, Emil & Rany (left) and by Luisa, Sarah & Pauline (right)

Born a crime

Trevor Noah was born a crime

During a racist time

Where black and white

Were not meant to unite

Segregation got bigger

Trevor was always quicker

His stepdad once pulled the trigger


Growing up he was a naughty child

His mixtape creation was very wild

He even made some money with it

But one night in jail made him quit


In the kitchen he had to take a violent shit

But he didn’t confess in order to prevent a violent hit

In their tradition it had a bigger meaning

The whole neighbourhood was in fear of a demon


In his book Trevor talks a lot about love

But he was blindfolded kind of

Once he had a relationship, he thought peaked

In fact, he didn’t talk to her for weeks


At the end he thanks his momma his very first fan

For making him a man (amen)

Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah is my name,

and my Life isn’t the same.

My mother taught me many things,

although we weren’t living like queens and kings.

My father came from Switzerland,

but he wasn’t allowed to hold my hand.

So our meetings were our secret,

because the others were so different.

He often made me Rösti, my favourite meal,

It tasted so good, like something unreal.

To have a white father and a black mother was a crime,

and that’s something I am my whole lifetime.

My race was mixed, that’s why I stuck out,

and I was special without a doubt.

I always found a way around,

and in school I was the clown.

During breaks I was at the cafeteria fast like a bee,

I could have opened my own company.

When I finished school,

I learned these crazy tools.

For example to be a musician,

and also working as an electrician.

Girls didn’t like me because of my hair,

which was, if you’ve seen it, just fair.

Maylene was my first valentine,

but she said: I want Leonardo to be mine. 

Sometimes I got in trouble with the police,

many boys in the hood were referred as “cheese”.

I was born in South Africa,

and later I flew to America.

I became a comedian, which was my dream job,

and my pathetic life on the street stopped.